We also offer a selection of complementary services designed to be the quickest and simplest way for a small business to expand its online presence.

Photography and Cataloguing

Have our team of photographers come into your store and catalogue your menu or inventory. If you’re a restaurant, we’ll even wait around to take snaps of your dishes as they come out of the kitchen. Not only can you keep the pictures, we’ll also put all your items into a beautiful, easy-to-browse digital format that you’ll be able to embed in your website, and which will be accessible from your venue page in the Glassmap app.

Web Design and Consulting

If you have a website in need of a facelift, or even if you don't have one at all, we can deliver you a website you can be proud of. We can take care of everything from purchasing the domain name to hosting your site. Our in-house web designers are the best in the business, and our efficient pipeline means we can start and finish a project in under a week. We'll also set up your social media pages, optimize your site's performance in search engines, and sit down with you to give you a guided walkthrough of how to grow your online following.

Email us at business@glassmap.com.