Here at Glassmap, we believe that ever-increasing smartphone usage has made native mobile solutions the most effective way to reach consumers. Our experience in designing, building, and growing our own consumer smartphone app makes us the perfect team to bring your business into the mobile world.


Glassmap was founded by a group of Stanford-educated computer scientists, electrical engineers, and entrepreneurs excited about the growing mobile space. Our team has specialities spanning web and mobile development, distributed systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning, visual design, and mobile marketing.


In building our consumer location sharing application, we've developed powerful proprietary technology to better characterize and interact with our users. Glassmap is the market leader in identifying user location patterns and deducing when and where they are most receptive to receiving content. We're opening the use of this technology to our small business clients, allowing your business to leverage the technology we've built to reach your customers.

Ansible Relay

Our patent-pending 'relay' framework technology allows us to dynamically push and pull locations depending on a customer's local context and environment. This technology makes Glassmap the most efficient and most accurate application in the market in gathering and analyzing location data. We're an order of magnitude more battery-efficient and accurate than anyone else.

Cerberus Relevancy Engine

To filter out the massive amounts of profiling data we collect, we developed an engine to determine what information users are most interested in and when. Like its mythological counterpart, the Cerberus engine is powered by multiple "brains". Using cutting-edge distributed systems control architectures, we've combined machine-learning, artificial intelligence, and signal processing techniques into an extremely flexible, adaptive, and effective creature. And it does all of this quietly, in the background, without the need for constant input from users.

The Glassmap App

Glassmap is also the name of our location-sharing social app, designed to be the easiest, most battery-efficient way to share your real-time location with family and friends. In addition, the app analyzes your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter newsfeeds, as well as activity occurring near you, to give you an eagle's eye view of relevant social news. We developed a lot of our technology while working on the Glassmap app, and now you have the chance to use our expertise for your own business.